Day 1 (Tuesday 2 April) @ 13:00 –13:30

European Women in Mathematics – The Netherlands (EWM-NL) is the national association of women working in the field of mathematics in the Netherlands. Part of the goals of EWM-NL is to establish a framework of activities to support women in research in the Netherlands, and particularly early career researchers, to enter and establish careers in mathematics.  

This EWM-NL session consists of a panel discussion with the invited speakers of the Congress. The starting point of the discussion will be the following questions: How do you think about gender representation in your work, be it in articles, conferences or in the classroom? When doing research or teaching, how do you think about your identity in relation to the subjects you research and the students you teach and supervise? How does an awareness of your positionality affect your work, be that research or teaching? In your opinion, what are the best practices to conduct exit interviews?