NMC 2024 Poster Session and Competition

Invitation to all PhD students in Mathematics in The Netherlands

During the upcoming Netherlands Mathematical Congress, a poster session will be organized for all PhD students in Mathematics in The Netherlands.

Preceding the actual poster presentation, each poster presenter will introduce her/his poster in a one-minute pitch presentation during a special plenary session at the NMC 2024.

The poster session will have a competitive character. A jury will assess the posters and award three prizes: 300, 200 and 100 €. The prizes will be awarded during the closing ceremony of the NMC 2024.

To participate in the poster session, registration for both NMC 2024 and the poster session is required. Registration for the poster session can be done by mailing a pdf-file with at least your poster title, name and affiliation (single page, landscape mode, full color) to contact@mathematischcongres.nl before 1 March 2024. The pdf-file will be displayed during your plenary one-minute pitch presentation.

The actual poster, in A0 format, is printed by you (in portrait mode) and brought by you to NMC 2024. The NMC 2024 organization will arrange poster boards.

You are very much welcome to participate in the NMC 2024 poster session!