Workshops for PhD students

Wednesday 3 April, 9:00 – 10:00

Workshop – Start you career!

Margret Schmitter, VU Amsterdam

Are you thinking about what you want to do after your PhD graduation, but have you lost track of what options you have? What will be the next step in your career? Do you stay in academia or are you going to give it a try in industry or maybe something completely different? Career coach Margret Smitters lets you know what career options are available to you after your PhD and helps you figure out what you really want to do.

Workshop – Funding possibilities

Olivia Muthsam, NWO

Your academic career is about to start and you want to know what funding options you have? Then this workshop is for you. NWO policy officers will give you an overview about the most important funding instruments for young researchers and let you know which points are important when submitting your proposal.

The Wiki edit-a-thon

Hester Brewman, Maastricht University and Jenneke Krüger

Making a positive impact in just one hour? Join our wiki edit-a-thon at NMC on 3 April 2024 to make female mathematicians more visible in society! If possible, please bring a laptop. Everyone is welcome in this session, where participants will translate a Wikipedia page of a female mathematician to their native language. Best regards, Women in Maths Wikipedia (WikiWiskundeVrouwen).