Day 1 (Tuesday 11 April) @ 17:15–18:00

European Women in Mathematics – The Netherlands (EWM-NL) is the national association of women working in the field of mathematics in the Netherlands. Part of the goals of EWM-NL is to establish a framework of activities to support women in research in the Netherlands, and particularly early career researchers, to enter and establish careers in mathematics. With the NMC sessions we organize, we wish to give the opportunity to early career mathematicians to have a more in-depth and relaxed conversation with the invited speakers to the congress. After a brief presentation of the activities of EWM-NL, we invite our speakers to give a brief narration on the topics of how they chose for mathematics, how their professional career developed so far and close with two pieces of advice that they would have wished to have received in their early-career stage. The panel session is followed by questions from the attendees and discussion. In connection to this session, we publish a short interview of the speakers on our website: https://www.ewmnetherlands.nl/events/nmc-meetings/