Day 2 (Wednesday 12 April) @ 11:15–12:45

Wioletta Ruszel (Utrecht University)

Sandpile models on graphs with conductances

The sandpile model (aka chip-firing game) is a toy model for studying self-organized criticality. There has been a lot of activity and progress in understanding connections to spanning trees, Abelian groups, studying existence of infinite volume measures or avalanche size distributions of the model on different lattices.

In this talk we will discuss ongoing progress in studying the sandpile model on general graphs with conductances. We will introduce the notion of two-phase burning algorithm, minimal configurations and the transfer current matrix.

This is joint work with Cedric Boutillier (University Paris Sorbonne).

Tom van der Zanden (Maastricht University)

Title and abstract to be announced.

Wojciech Samotij (Tel Aviv University)

Title and abstract to be announced.