NMC 2023 Poster Session and Competition

Invitation to all PhD students in Mathematics in The Netherlands

During the upcoming Netherlands Mathematical Congress (NMC 2023, Utrecht, 11-12 April 2023), a poster session will be organized for all PhD students in Mathematics in The Netherlands.

Preceding the actual poster presentation, each poster presenter will introduce his/her poster in a one-minute pitch presentation during a special plenary session at NMC 2023.

The poster session will have a competitive character. A jury will assess the posters and award three prizes: 300, 200 and 100 € for the best, one-but-best and second-best poster. The prizes will be awarded during the closing ceremony of NMC 2023.

The following PhD students will present a poster:

  1. Jasper van Doornmalen (TU/e)
  2. Agnieszka Janicka (TU/e)
  3. Michael Jung (VUA)
  4. Martijn Kluitenberg (RUG)
  5. Máté Kormos (TUD)
  6. Mostafa Meliani (RU)
  7. Niek Mooij (UU)
  8. Lotte Weedage (UT)
  9. Jelle Wemmenhove (TU/e)
  10. Joshua Willems (TUD)
  11. Federico Zadra (RUG)