The Indagationes Mathematicae Best Paper Prize

The Indagationes Best Paper Prize is a new annual prize, installed jointly by Elsevier and the KWG, of € 1000 for the best paper published in Indagationes Mathematicae in the preceding year. The first Indagationes Mathematicae Best Paper Prize will be awarded at the 2023 Dutch Mathematical Congress by Jan van Neerven, editor-in-chief of Indagationes Mathematicae and chair of the jury which further consists of the four subject editors Gunther Cornelissen Monique Laurent, Michel Mandjes, and Mark Veraar. The Indagationes Mathematicae Best Paper Prize 2022 is awarded to Catharina Stroppel and Jens Eberhardt for their article “Motivic Springer Theory”.

Catharina Stroppel and Jens Eberhardt (University of Bonn)

Motivic Springer Theory

Convolution of functions arises in many mathematical areas, including probability, Fourier theory, differential equations etc. In this talk we will also convolve geometric objects, such as differential forms, homology classes or algebraic cycles. Inspired by work of Tonny Springer, we will explain how important algebraic structures such as symmetric groups or Hecke algebras can be constructed via convolution. Finally, we will discuss how motives, which are a universal invariant in algebraic geometry, can be used to unify various classical and modern approaches to geometric convolution algebras. We will show some favourable homological properties of these constructions.

Catharina Stroppel
(photo credits Uni-Bonn / Barbara Frommann)

Jens Eberhardt