Below you find the registration form for the NMC 2019.

There are several double rooms available. In choosing this option, you will share the room with one other participant of the NMC. The price mentioned is the price per person.

Participants may be filmed or photographed. These films and/or photographs might be published on website, social media channels and newsletter for the reporting of the conference.

In the registration form below, we also ask for your permission to use these films and photographs for the marketing of future NWO events.

Registration is closed and can only be done on site on April 23 and 24

Possible registration options:

  • 2 days, including dinner and overnight stay in a single room: €110,-
  • 2 days, including dinner and overnight stay in a double room: €90,- pp
  • Day 1 only, no dinner: €70,-
  • Day 1 only, including dinner: €85,-
  • Day 2 only: €70,-
  • Docentendag, including drinks: €25,-

For MSc-students only:

MSc students can register for 1 day (€20,-) only; the maximum number of MSc students per day is 30. Please bring your student card to the NMC2019.

Registration form

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[paytium_dropdown label=”Registration options” options=”195,00 – 2 days, incl. dinner, single room/160,00 – 2 days, incl. dinner, shared room (pp)/130,00 – 2 days, incl. dinner, no room/100,00 – 2 days, no dinner, no room/100,00 – April 14, incl. dinner/70,00 – April 14, no dinner/70,00 – April 15/50,00 – Docentendag/20,00 – MSc student, April 14/20,00 – MSc student, April 15″ options_are_amounts=”true” first_option=”text” first_option_text=”Choose”/]

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Your personal data is used for the purpose of providing you with information about the NMC 2019 and will be destroyed one month after the end of the congress.