On the right you find the registration form for the NMC 2020.

There are several shared (double) rooms available. In choosing this option, you will share the room with one other participant of the NMC. The price mentioned is the price per person.

Register before March 10th!

In the Van Der Valk hotel Utrecht 150 rooms are available for NMC participants. If you want to stay overnight, please register before March 10th, because that is the final date we can adjust the reservation.

Possible registration options:

  1. 2 days, incl. dinner, single room: €195,-
  2. 2 days, incl. dinner, shared room (per person) *: €160,-
  3. 2 days, incl. dinner, no room: €130,-
  4. 2 days, no dinner, no room: €100,-
  5. April 14, incl. dinner: €100,-
  6. April 14, no dinner: €75,-
  7. April 15: €75,-
  8. Docentendag / Onderwijs meets Onderzoek (OmO): €75,-

* please indicate with whom you want to share the room

Cancellation policy

  1. Cancellation before March 10th: 100% reimbursement
  2. Cancellation after March 10th and hotel room booked: 50% reimbursement
  3. Cancellation after April 5th: no reimbursement

Use of personal data

Your personal data is used for the purpose of providing you with information about the NMC 2020 and will be destroyed one month after the end of the congress. In the form you can indicate if you would like to receive information about other NWO events.

For UseMSc students only:

MSc students can register for one day (€20,-) only; the maximum number of MSc students per day is 30. Please bring your student card to the NMC2020.